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Benefits of Eating Organic Foods

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Benefits of Eating Organic Foods

Benefits of eating organic foods / fruit and vegetables

  • People report better taste and texture (firmness) 
  • Small short-term studies suggest improved fertility in women and sperm count in men
  • Some studies showed that organic crops had higher concentrations of a range of antioxidants such as polyphenolics (e.g. the blue colour) compared to conventional crops (but one needs to consider other factors such as area, season, crop rotation)
  • Larger observational studies have shown a positive connection between consumption of organic food and fertility, sperm count, allergies in children, and metabolic syndrome, reduction in overweight and obesity – but we have to keep in mind that people who consume organic foods are in general more likely following a healthier lifestyle.


Fruit and Veg of the month – May

Strawberries and lemons: good sources of vitamin C

Vitamin c protects you from infections by keeping your immune system healthy.

Water-soluble vitamins are stored in the body in very limited amounts, and are excreted through the urine. Therefore, it is a good idea to have them in your daily diet.


(green) Asparagus: a rich source in a range of nutrients, particularly folate - also known as folic acid or vitamin B9. Folate is essential in cell development; it helps making red blood cells and preventing anaemia. If you are feeling tired a lot it might be because you are not getting enough folate – other sources are green leafy vegetables but also dried beans, peas and lentils, and seeds such as flax and sunflower seeds.

There are many ways to eat asparagus. You can serve it hot, cold, raw, or cooked. Mix it into soups, salads, casseroles, and stir-fries, or just simply serve it on its own!


Beetroot: a good source of fibre, potassium and also anti-oxidants (betalain) which may help to protect you against cell damage – and also gives beetroots the vibrant colour. 

You can enjoy them raw as salad and in smoothies or you can boil, steam or roast them, and also enjoy pickled beets. Beetroot goes well with goat cheese. When making a smoothie they pair well with pears, apple, or celery. 

The tops / leaves are also edible and full of nutrients.

Get more tips from our resident dietician Claudia Ehrlicher, RD at 


Disclaimer notes:

  • Information intended for the general public
  • If any health conditions or concerns contact your GP or the dietitian
  • Health benefits of any particular foods mentioned in the post are part of a healthy varied balanced diet and lifestyle – one particular food does not replace a generally healthy diet


References available upon request

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