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Guest Blog from Jo Watson

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Guest Blog from Jo Watson

I don’t think any of you will ever truly understand how hard it’s been for me to sit down and write this piece without wanting to pepper every single sentence with fruit and veg-based puns.

Sorry, sorry… you’re going to have to let me have that first one… I needed to get it out of my system!

Wonderful as it would be for me to use the topic of content as something I could really have some fun with word-wise, what I definitely don’t want to do is to miss the bigger point, and that’s to talk about an AMAZING project that’s being run by one of my clients here at agoodwriteup right now.

That client is George Iosub, and the project is ShareFresh.

There’s a load of reasons for me to love the story of ShareFresh.

One. George’s business is all about providing his customers with fresh and tasty fruit and veg goodies that they can buy direct from him, straight after he’s sourced the produce both locally and sustainably (so, in support of local farming practices, etc).

Two. For every box of fruit and vegetable goodness that George sells, he ploughs 20% of the takings straight into a fund that allows him to box up and deliver fresh fruit and veg to those in his community who would otherwise struggle to afford or access healthy foods – all for free. Remember that whilst foodbanks are a lifeline, fruit and veg just aren’t often on the menu (for a multitude of reasons). In fact, George works directly with his local foodbanks to identify those most in need.

Three. George set up ShareFresh at the start of lockdown – a time when people fought in supermarkets and everyone panicked if their job/ homelife /health would survive what was about to hit. I couldn’t be more supportive of what George has done if I tried, and I’m hoping that anyone reading this can support if they can. If you’re local to George, you can help further the project simply by buying a box for yourself that supports a donation (win win), or volunteering time to help him out with day-to-day donations and deliveries, or perhaps advising George on how he can access support, funding or promotion to really get the work of ShareFresh known in the wider community.

I moan constantly that my little girl is a fruit fiend, because as wonderful as it is that she’s healthy and rarely gives me grief at teatimes, fruit and veg can be expensive. When you buy it as part of your weekly shop at the supermarket, not only do you not know how long it’s been sitting there in the store, but you also know that it’s likely to have perished at least a little before you remember you have it and get around to serving it up as part of a meal. Add into that the whole single use plastic issue, and the guilt over having possibly bought something that’s not in season and causes issues with ethical faming practices and environmental stability… and instead of feeling great about having fruit and veg in your diet, you start feeling pretty icky, to be honest.

That’s why a business like George’s really appeals (no, that wasn’t a pun), and the fact that he’s then using his own takings, his own van and his own time to provide such nutritious food that we could ALL be making more room for in our diets, is just goodness through and through, in my book. I’m hoping that this post makes us all think a little about what we could be doing to make the world a little bit of a better place at a time when, if you’re not up sh*t creek already, you’re a lot closer to a visit than you possibly ever have been before in your life.

Visit the site, buy a box (if you want to), or drop George a message to offer your support. Even if it’s just a pat on the back. He’s a good man doing good things.

The world needs more of those people right now.

Perhaps you’ll be inspired to be the next.

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