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Hi everyone! I`m George.

When lockdown hit, the world was full of people ‘pivoting’ to new ventures that would help them sort their businesses and provide for their families.

At that time, my job was safe, because as a multidrop courier, I was classed as a key worker.

We are what we eat

I realised that I was lucky, and that no matter how hard the pandemic hit, I would be able to carry on providing for my family – and doing my bit to keep the country moving. It felt good, but I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that those hit the hardest by the pandemic would be those who already struggled… I’m talking about those people who didn’t have access or means to getting hold of good quality fresh food for themselves and their families.

We are what we eat, and so it’s the fresher the better when it comes to good food. You can’t get fresher than fruits and veggies that have been locally sourced and selected before being boxed up and driven straight to your door. Doing the delivery ‘thing’ was already my job, so now I wanted to put something in place to do a bit more, because it feels good to help.

Helping the community

In planning my new venture, I wanted other people to feel good, too. So, it was – and still is - my hope that the more people who get to benefit from buying Share Fresh fruit and veg boxes will not only feel better on a personal level thanks to good nutrition, but will also feel good as a result of knowing that they’ve contributed towards making a donation of the same goodies to someone else in their community who isn’t as fortunate.

Nutrition is hugely important to be, because I think it has some really positive knock-on effects. If we eat well, we feel better about ourselves. We’re then fuelled to do great things and to think clearly about the choices we make. Plus, if by eating well we can contribute to the environment we’re in, then that just leads to a better life all-round. I’m not saying we can change the world with a box of broccoli, but it’s surely a step in the right direction.

I may not be able to achieve my dream of feeding everyone on the planet (yet), but I can certainly do my bit right here in London.

Find our more

Well, I love music festivals and football (not that we can enjoy either of those things right now), but when it comes to championing icons and stars, I say give it up for our farmers! Yes, I’m a little crazy…

Keep an eye on the Share Fresh blog page for news about how I intend to grow the Share Fresh initiative, and if you’d like to get involved on any level with our venture, give me a shout!

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