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Nobody should ever be starting their day on an empty stomach.
Nobody should ever be going to bed hungry.

If this might be you – or you know someone in your community who isn’t getting access to fresh food – please come and register for a free box of fresh and tasty fruit and veg goodies right here on our website. We can deliver a box straight to your door – fresh, tasty, free.

At Share Fresh, we wanted to take our online fruit and veg subscription box business and use it to do something good in the community. So, every time a customer comes to our site to buy a box of tasty fruit and veg, we take 20% of the purchase price and put it towards boxing up free fruit and veg deliveries to those in our community who are not in the position to pay for them. Some of us have been there ourselves, and none of us know if we might ever be in that position in the future. We all have a duty to help people when and where we can. This is our way.

Though we know that fruit and veg should be an absolute essential in everyone’s daily diet to help them eat well and feel great, we know that it’s not always cheap, not always easy to access, and not exactly a priority on the top of people’s lists as we try to manage our tightening budgets. This is why we want to play our part.


People can come directly to our Share Fresh website to register for their very own free box of fresh fruit and veg goodies (don’t worry – delivery is free, too).
We have a van, and plan, and 20% of funds collected from each and every fresh box we sell through our main fruit and veg venture. We take that money – and the van and the good will of our team – and put together boxes of fresh fruit and veg that we can then gift and deliver with love to those who need it. Simple.
We’re only a small venture, but we have a big heart, and even bigger vision. Nobody should be without the basic necessity of good honest food in their lives. So, for as long as there’s good will in our community and enough petrol in our van, we’re going to do what we can.